Rsts V7.0 Tape Distribution.

This is a bootable tape Version 7.0 Distribution created from the Delta Project. There is a DEC original RL01 Distribution in the RSTS_disks/V70 folder.

Index of . / distros / RSTS_tapes / V70 /

File Size Modified Description
[dir] Parent Directory
[pdf] v1a_RSTS7.0_SPD_Feb80.pdf804.7 KB2017-Jan-16Rsts V7.0 SPD 13.1.13.
[txt] V70Info.txt285.0  B2007-Jul-16Rsts V7.0 Tape History.
[gz] V70Install.tap.gz2.9 MB2007-Jul-16Rsts V7.0 Sysgen. Unknown DEC Product Code.
3 Files - 0 FoldersTotal size: 3.7 MB   
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