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Well, this post is quite a bit late. I actually moved all of the content over a year ago to an HP T-610 thin client. The domain gets a number of hits (curiosity seekers mostly) and the occasional tape or kit download, but nothing too dramatic. I gave away all of the Gateway E2000 machines to students and put up 2 clusters of HP thin clients (12 machines each). The slower cluster also houses an emulated copy of all RSTS versions from V4A up to V9.6. The cluster is usually off during the summer months and will be online once the weather starts getting cooler (or if there are requests to get online).

Thin Clients
by bbump
Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 06:51 AM
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The RSTS.org domain has been running for the last decade on a single small Celeron 233 computer. This little white machine works great as a 30watt NAT firewall for a home network, but considering the 64meg of memory and 4gig disk drive, it really isn't up to the task of hosting any domains. I liked this little machine because it didn't take up much space and was a toss away computer from my former employer.

I recently acquired a dozen machines from the same employer while visiting last month. I thought they might make a nice cluster that I could put in a 7foot rack that I had laying around, and put it in a classroom. I haven't done that yet, but figured I could use a couple of them to host RSTS, as well as a number of other ".org" domains that I've been asked to build.

These machines that were headed for the trash heap are Gateway E2000's (2ghz) with 1gig of memory and 40gig Seagate disk drives. More than adequate to host the small amount of content that RSTS.org has online. They also (when idling) don't take any more juice to run than the NAT firewall does. I will probably put a couple of them up online for users to sample RSTS running under SimH.


by bbump
Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 04:20 PM
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It seems like work just always gets in the way of fun projects. I have had an idea for a few years now of putting up a couple of machines on RSTS.org that would tie a couple of RSTS systems into the HECnet network. I have 5 machines (3 AlphaStatsions and 2 Pentium 3 PC's) that could be setup with VMS 8.3 and RSTS V8, RSTS V9.6 then tied back to HECnet, but where to put them and when to have free time.

by bbump
Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 11:50 AM
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