The RT-11 V5.1 Distribution.

The three files in this directory contain distributions of the RT-11 Version 5.1 Operating System. RT51F is an archive of RX02 floppies. RT51D is an RL01 drive archive. RT51T is a MT0 tape archive. There are additional floppies which contains utilities for the MTI controller, and the TSX11 Operating system.

RT51F    ZIP     1,548,275  02-25-98 10:19a RT51F.ZIP
RT51D    ZIP     1,195,023  02-25-98  9:48a RT51D.ZIP
RT51T    ZIP       880,920  02-25-98  9:50a RT51T.ZIP

Index of . / distros / RT-11 / RT-11_V5.1 /

File Size Modified Description
[dir] Parent Directory
[zip] RT51T.ZIP860.3 KB1998-Feb-25 
[zip] RT51F.ZIP1.5 MB1998-Feb-25 
[zip] RT51D.ZIP1.1 MB1998-Feb-25 
3 Files - 0 FoldersTotal size: 3.5 MB   
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