Amiga ARexx Scripts for Making Rsts Tape Distributions.

The following programs are arexx scripts created on an Amiga for manipulating tape files into tape images for the E11 emulator.
The DOS512 script will create straight DOS tape images (14,512,0).
The ANSI2048 script will create ANSI tape images (80,80,80,2048,80,0).
The DOSBOOT script will create MGBOOT DOS images (2062,512,0).
The TIMAGE (tape image) script will mirror image any tape from 'dupin'.

DONE is a text file on how the tapes were created. The DISK script will create 512byte blocks of 'x' size for making blank disk images.

ANSI2048 REX         2,826  02-27-98  6:42p Ansi2048.rex
DOS512   REX         1,634  02-27-98  6:42p Dos512.rex
ANSIHDR  80             80  02-27-98  6:42p AnsiHdr.80
DONE                 2,035  02-27-98  7:04p Done
DOSBOOT  REX         2,111  02-27-98  6:42p DosBoot.rex
TIMAGE   REX         1,688  02-27-98  6:42p TImage.rex
DISK     REX           471  02-27-98  6:41p Disk.rex

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File Size Modified Description
[dir] Parent Directory
[rex] Ansi2048.rex2.8 KB1998-Feb-27 
[80] AnsiHdr.8080.0  B1998-Feb-27 
[rex] Disk.rex471.0  B1998-Feb-27 
[] Done2.0 KB1998-Feb-27 
[rex] Dos512.rex1.6 KB1998-Feb-27 
[rex] DosBoot.rex2.1 KB1998-Feb-27 
[rex] TImage.rex1.6 KB1998-Feb-27 
7 Files - 0 FoldersTotal size: 10.6 KB   
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